When a browser requests an ASP or ASP.NET file, the ASP engine reads the file, executes
any code in the file, and returns the result to the browser. Both technologies enable computer code to be executed by an Internet server. Complementary to many of the responses given, I wanted to add some additional perspective from the Modern client-side web – or Rich Web Application point of view. Well, generally MVC is used in Web development and MVVM is most popular in WPF/Silverlight development. However, sometimes the web architecute might have a mix of MVC and MVVM. It surprises me that this is a highly voted answers without mentioning the origin of MVVM.

In an MVC desktop or client side application you should have a Model, and the Model should be used by the Controller. Views are usually tied to Controllers with Interfaces so that the Controller can work with a variety of Views. In ASP.NET the logic for MVC is slightly backwards on the server as the Controller manages the Models and passes the Models to a selected View.

Model View Controller example

The pattern does not specify how the heck the view should influence the view model, so usually most frameworks just include controller’s functionality in the view model. However, MVVM does tell you that your view model’s data should come from the model, which is the entire model that’s not aware https://remotemode.net/ or custom to a specific view. From a practical point of view, MVC (Model-View-Controller) is a pattern. From a practical programming point of view, MVC seems a good choice because it gives one lots of utility out-of-box, but there is still a potential for bells-and-whistles to be added.

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Let’s remember that this web way, despite being all the rage, was horribly backward compared to the desktop. (Even a program like Microsoft Word can be thought of as some kind of client, a client for documents.) They’re clients full of intelligence, full of knowledge about their data. Some developers also use template engines like Handlebars, mvc developer ejs, and liquidjs to implement the view. A View is that part of the application that represents the presentation of data. Some of the early frameworks that applied these concepts were KnockoutJS, Django, and Ruby on Rails. Whether the data is from a database, API, or a JSON object, the model is responsible for managing it.

Model, View, & Controller

In the second version of MVC, there is a direct link between M and V. MVVM appears to take all tasks related to M and V communication, and couple it to decouple it from the C. In effect, there’s still the larger scope application workflow (or implementation of the use scenarios) that are not fully accounted for in MVVM. By removing these lower level aspects from the controllers, they are cleaner and makes it easier to modify the application’s use scenario and business logic, also making controllers more reusable. If you have worked with MVC, you probably have sometime found useful to create model objects to reflect the state of your view, for example, to show and hide some edit dialog, etc.

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